LAUNCH // April 22nd


Come learn new moves & new grooves at our official LAUNCH on April 22!

We are releasing new choreography for your favorite
group fitness classes that you don’t want to miss. 



Attend Launch and Enter to WIN a LIMITED EDITION
O2 Fitness Summer is Coming tank!



WHY Group Fitness? This is WHY:

See below for class times and locations.
Visit our Group Fitness schedule for a full list of classes.

See you at LAUNCH!


8:30am Towerview – Cary
8:30am Falconbridge – Chapel Hill
8:30am Hanover – Wilmington
8:30am Falls of Neuse – Raleigh
8:30am Seaboard – Raleigh
8:30am Park West – Mount Pleasant
9:00am Carrboro
9:00am Savannah Hwy – Charleston
9:20am Mayfaire – Wilmington
9:30am Brennan – Raleigh (Regularly scheduled class)
9:30am Daniel Island
9:30am Goose Creek
9:30am North Charleston
9:30am Johnnie Dodds – Mount Pleasant
9:35am Fuquay-Varina
9:45am Elliott Rd. – Chapel Hill
10:00am Summerville
10:30am North Chatham – Chapel Hill

RPM Cycling Classes
8:15am Brennan – Raleigh (Regularly scheduled class)
8:30am Towerview – Cary
8:30am Fuquay-Varina
8:30am Fall of Neuse – Raleigh
8:30am North Chatham – Chapel Hill
9:30am Seaboard – Raleigh
9:45am Falconbridge – Chapel Hill
9:45am Hanover – Wilmington

7:30am Park West – Mount Pleasant
8:30am Elliott Rd. – Chapel Hill
8:30am Brennan – Raleigh (Regularly scheduled class)
9:00am Johnnie Dodds – Mount Pleasant
9:30am Towerview – Cary
9:30am Falconbridge – Chapel Hill
9:30am Carrboro
9:30am Fall of Neuse – Raleigh
9:30am Seaboard – Raleigh

BODY FLOW & Yoga/Pilates Classes
8:30am North Chatham – Chapel Hill
8:30am Daniel Island
10:00am Carrboro – Pilates
10:30am Goose Creek
10:30am Park West – Mount Pleasant
10:45am Elliott Rd. – Chapel Hill – Yoga
11:00am Towerview – Cary
11:00am Brennan – Raleigh (Regularly scheduled class)
11:15am Fall of Neuse – Raleigh – Yoga
11:15am Seaboard – Raleigh – Yoga

8:15am Mayfaire – Wilmington
9:00am Falconbridge – Chapel Hill
10:30am Towerview – Cary

10:00am Towerview – Cary
10:00am Falconbridge – Chapel Hill
10:00am Johnnie Dodds – Mount Pleasant
10:15am Fuquay-Varina
10:30am Seaboard – Raleigh
10:30am Brennan Raleigh (Regularly scheduled class)
10:45am Falls of Neuse – Raleigh

8:30am Johnnie Dodds – Mount Pleasant
9:00am Elliott Rd. – Chapel Hill
9:00am Fuquay-Varina
9:00am Daniel Island
10:00am Goose Creek

9:30am North Chatham – Chapel Hill
9:30am Park West – Mount Pleasant
9:35am Hanover – Wilmington

7:30am Daniel Island
8:30am Goose Creek
8:30am North Charleston

9:00am Goose Creek

BODY JAM – 11:30am Falconbridge – Chapel Hill
HIIT – 8:00am Carrboro
SH’BAM + ZUMBA – 12:00pm Elliott Rd. – Chapel Hill
AQUA FIT – 9:30am – North Charleston

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  1. Leslie Lang says:

    How about tai chi classes? these can be short forms of Yang style which are a total of 37 moves. Lisa Markeson is an excellent instructor located in Chapel Hill.

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