O2 Fitness Giveaway: UNC Basketball Tickets

***AND THE WINNER IS: Mandy MacNaughton from our NC Fitness Club Cary location!!!***

Thanks everyone for participating! The correct answer was 7: BodyPump, BodyJam, BodyAttack, BodyStep, BodyFlow, RPM, BodyCombat!!

Basketball fever is in the air and we have some more tickets to give away!

Be the first to answer the question below correctly and win 2 tickets to the Thursday Jan. 13, UNC vs. Virginia Tech basketball game (9:00pm)!

How many different styles of Les Mills Group Fitness classes are offered at O2 Fitness? (company wide!)

You have until 3:00pm today (1/10) to answer in the comments section below.

The clock is ticking….

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  1. Mary Seagroves says:

    O2 has a total 7 Les Mills classes offered at the clubs with a total of 210 Les Mills classes being taught this week.

    : ) Mary Seagroves

  2. Katie Myers says:

    There are 6 different Les Mills Group Fitness classes currently on the calendar for all the locations and 7 that are on the list:

    1) Body Pump
    2) Body Combat
    3) Body Step
    4) Body Flow
    5) Body Jam
    6) RPM

    There is also 7) Body Attack, but I did not see that on any locations calendar right now. I hope I win! GO HEELS!!! 🙂

  3. Rachael Confer says:

    There are 7 different Les Mills classes offered via O2 Fitness:

    1. BodyAttack
    2. BodyCombat
    3. BodyFlow
    4. BodyJam
    5. BodyPump
    6. BodyStep
    7. RPM

    My favorite is BodyJam. 🙂

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