3 Fitness Tips to Take With You Into the New Year

Written by Chris Mitchell, NC Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Brennan As the New Year approaches, I wanted to offer some advice to anyone looking to get on track, or stay on track, in 2012: NUTRITION: Keep a food log/diary!

  • Eat enough protein
  • Eat breakfast (always eat before a workout…approx. one hour before if possible)
  • Avoid processed foods

EXERCISE: Cross train!

  • Find the workouts that interest, motivate, and push you (don’t even think for a moment there aren’t any…be creative if you need to: classes, walking/running, cycling, weights, cardio machines, dancing, swimming, kayaking/rowing, hiking, [kick]boxing, climbing, etc., etc., etc.)
  • Keep a log

FITNESS GOALS: Be realistic! Set a Goal Care Plan (this can be used for all life goals, not just fitness): set the goal(s); set up all the tasks to complete the goal(s) with a time-line and document it; make room for necessary tweaks along the way; and follow through!  Telling someone your goal(s), and/or finding a partner in training, can help enormously with follow through. Exercise should not be a choice.  It should be a part of your regular routine.  You don’t ask yourself if you should do it, you do it.  If you are super busy, pre-set exercise into your schedule each week.  There is ALWAYS time for exercise.  Saying there isn’t time is making an excuse and an unhealthy decision.  Don’t take the all or nothing approach either.  If all you’ve got is 20 minutes, then maximize that time in your workout, don’t let it go (you’ll probably find you feel like a super hero in what you are able to accomplish super motivated and energized for that short period of time). Any amount of time given to exercise is better than no time.  American Heart Association (AHA) states you should be exercising moderately (working and heart rate up but still able to carry on a conversation) for a minimum of 30 minutes every day.  Your body is a machine. It won’t run smoothly or last very long if it’s not taken care of.  Proper nutrition and safe exercise will maximize your functioning, energy, and longevity (everything from cardiovascular to balance to flexibility to strength…all good and important for your body)! Exercise also greatly improves your psychological well being!

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