***CONGRATS to today’s blog winners: Lisa, Meredith, April, Tiffany and Shawn! Enjoy your tickets to Drumline this Saturday night thanks to Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts!***

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Well you’re in luck! Drumline is coming to Raleigh Memorial Auditorium this Friday and Saturday and Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts has given us tickets to give to some lucky O2 Fitness members!

There’s just one catch: you have to answer this question by 3pm TODAY (winners will be chosen at random):

Post a picture of your favorite workout. It can be a class, a machine, an exercise (ex: sit up, push up, etc) and tell us why it’s your favorite and how it has helped you achieve results!

Please note: 5 participants will be chosen at random through randompicker.com and will receive 2 tickets for the February 26th (this Saturday night) show at 8pm at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. Tickets will be sent out to member’s home clubs on Tuesday evening for pick up Wednesday – Friday during normal business hours. Thank you for participating!

Winners for Friday night tickets are not eligible for tickets on Saturday night.

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  1. April says:

    This is the hip abductor machine that I love: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://matrixfitness.co.za/modules/products/uploads/SL-165-Hip-Abductor.jpg&imgrefurl=http://matrixfitness.co.za/i/templates/products.php%3Fmake%3Djohnson&h=602&w=400&sz=30&tbnid=ToBkjTq3I6kyEM:&tbnh=135&tbnw=90&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dhip%2Babductor%2Bmachine%2Bimage&zoom=1&q=hip+abductor+machine+image&usg=__-fY5kofkQcMvlWmyWGDkpNtax8k=&sa=X&ei=pfxjTdSPI8H_lgeilqijDA&ved=0CCIQ9QEwBg.

    I have sciatica and bursitis of the hip joint, so strengthening of my hip muscles is an absolute must! I use this machine during every gym visit and it keeps the pain at bay. This is SO important to me because the sciatica and bursitis hinder my ability to walk. And how did I learn about this machine? My O2 Fitness personal trainer! Thanks!

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