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What is Program Design

Program Design is two free sessions with a personal trainer that identifies where you are today, where you want to be in the future and provides a roadmap to achieve those goals. These sessions are included in your membership.

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Snapshot of your first session

Style & Readiness This analyzes how you work best. Do you like routine or prefer variety? When you are stressed do you want to relax or blow off steam?

Physical Assessment Don’t worry, this is not a test. We just want to see how your body moves, which muscles are flexible and which ones are tight. This helps us ensure safety while maximizing your potential.

Goal Setting Every O2 Fitness member has different fitness goals and we want to know yours. We will help pinpoint your goals and also strive to learn the story behind them. You are meeting with a personal trainer for a reason.

Obstacles We all have them—time management, motivation, nagging injuries—but we can’t begin to move forward together before we call them out for the pests that they are.

Nutrition Eat what you would like, just log it for three days. We will then work with you to see what fuel you are putting in your body and if there are any small changes that will render big results.


what do I wear to my first program design session? 
Workout clothes!

How much is program design? 
It’s free with you membership—every membership includes two free Program Design Sessions as well as free monthly reassessments, to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

How long will the first session take? 
Plan to be at the club for about an hour.

Do you have child care? 
Yes! Check your club’s page for Kid’s Club hours.

What’s next? 
Check out our Personal Training. Each O2 Fitness Personal Trainer is a skilled professional with years of experience that can help you on your path towards achieving your fitness and nutritional goals.