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For Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all of our O2 Fitness moms who so gracefully manage to balance a healthy, fit lifestyle while being a rockstar mom.

“I think all moms are superwomen! They HAVE TO put everyone and everything in their life ahead of themselves and always do so with a smile! Moms truly do it all and then some. Being a mom is a true gift and blessing. It’s the hardest, most rewarding job in the world.” – Christine Novotny

Thanks to all you moms for enriching our fit family.

Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Jennifer Blackmon
O2 Fitness Park West Club, Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“Time management is key. It’s worth the juggle because it keeps me healthy and able to keep up with my boys who are full of energy!”

unnamed    unnamed (1)

Erin Gaita
O2 Fitness Falls of Neuse Club, Raleigh NC


Maggie Cislo
O2 Fitness Park West Club, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Patience is key to it all! I have to stay in shape to keep up with an overly active 15-month old. Having the time to myself relieving stress while my daughter is taken care of is necessary.”


Jessica Victorino,
O2 Fitness Falls of Neuse Club, Raleigh, NC

Jessica Victorino_Falls

Christine Novotny
O2 Fitness Club, Park West, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I really believe it’s impossible to care for others if you don’t take care of yourself. Having ‘me time’ at the gym gives me the energy to run around after my kids and is my way of letting out frustrations and craziness that comes with taking care of little ones.”


Carter Collins
O2 Fitness Group Fitness Director, O2 Fitness Towerview Club, Cary NC

carterself_wide  FunnyPosed

Erin Gaita
O2 Fitness Club Park West Club, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“In terms of getting in my time to stay fit, I’ve made it a lifestyle not a short term goal. Life with 3 kids is always busy, but making sure I get to the gym as many days of the week as possible helps me keep a healthy outlook and my sanity :)”

unnamed (2)  Erin

Kim Holtman
O2 Fitness Falls of Neuse Club, Raleigh, NC


April Stevens
O2 Fitness Falls of Neuse Club, Raleigh NC

April Stevens_Falls


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