Mental Health & Wellness: Being Proactive vs Reactive

Written by Shawn Huber, Chapel Hill Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Chatham

We are now all in the middle of our new exercise, diet, weight loss & new me programs.  “This year I am going to stick to my program and goals.” We have all said this at one time or another having the best intensions of reaching “our” goals.  Being a Success Coach and Personal Trainer , I have heard them all. This works. That works.  What I have found out is that they all work if they are really followed.  The thing that always fails is us. Here come all the excuses as why it didn’t work or why it has stopped.  We have become a people who respond to reactions.  My doctor told me I have high blood pressure  so he gave me some pills. My clothes are too tight and I’m going on vacation soon.  How could I have had a heart attack at 35. I need to lose weight.  These are symptoms of poor health with no concern until it is almost too late.

Being proactive is what is going to work.  By eating healthy, exercising, and recuperating our bodies can find balance.  This is the solution to our problems.  We get bored often with routines so why do we stick with them?   They didn’t get the result the first time because if they did we would not have to do it again.  When setting up goals and work out plans, ask for advice from people who are the experts.  This can prevent injuries and also keep things interesting so our mind does not get bored and our bodies stay healthy.   There is too much information out there for most people to understand.  Personal trainers can be great filters.  They can get you past sticking point. They can motivate you to do more and keep you focused.  Here is one thing they cannot do and that is”make you” do anything. No one can do this.  Only you can make yourself do things.  Make it a challenge and keep it positive always.  If you enjoy music,  then put together play lists. If you like small crowds then ask what the best time is to come to the gym. If you are busy prepare meals ahead of time and have your clothes ready for the gym the night before. Be ready for the unexpected and make the most out of it.

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  1. Hannah Jung says:

    It is true that decision to be proactive and being determind to follow through is with each of us. As true is that there are TOO MUCH information floating out there for an average person to understand and apply about health and wellness. Therefore, I agree 100% of the point about personal trainers being ‘filters’ to these flood of information but what I also am regretful is that the cost of getting that essential help from a professional personal trainer also is a ‘filter’ in hiring one to benefit many, including myself.

  2. Andy Orwig says:

    Hey Hannah,

    Email me immediately, I am one of the trainers here at O2, and could work out a very affordable budget for you and get you results fast! Believe me, cost doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting a trainer, contact me at 304-365-1307 or call Brennan Station!

    Andy Orwig

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