Giveaway: Share a Laugh, Win a Laugh


**We decided to go ahead and give all the tickets away today, so CONGRATS to: Amy Tortorella from Brennan and Lori Tillery from Falconbridge!!**

It’s no laughing matter – We are giving away two pairs of tickets to see Bill Maher at the Progress Energy Center this Thursday, April 21, at 8:00 p.m.

To enter for today’s set of tickets, simply share your favorite short pun or joke PLUS your favorite O2 Fitness class in the comments section below (keep the jokes clean please!).

Winners will be chosen at random. Contest closes today (4/19) at 3:30pm. Tickets will be sent to your club tonight for pickup on Wednesday or Thursday. **Don’t forget to put your first name, last name and email address when you register for comments**

Bring on the laughs!

7 Comments(s)

  1. John Huisman says:

    “Do you know a good veterinarian?”….


    ” ’cause these pythons are sick”!!!!

    My favorite class is BodyPump!

  2. Jordan P says:

    Q: What’s the name of the new Charlie Sheen sitcom?
    A: Two and a Half Personalities

    (sidenote: Not a fan of charlie sheen OR 2.5 men. they get a big *eyeroll*)

    Anywho, my favorite o2 fitness class is definitely early Thursday morning BodyAttack express with Jess (or sometimes Javier!)

  3. Omur says:

    I said to the gym instructor “Can you teach me to do the splits?” He said “How flexible are you?” I said “I can’t make Tuesdays”.

    My favorite: O2 Pilates with Beth on Sundays at 5:00 pm at Brennan Station. She is an excellent instructor!

  4. Amy Tortorella says:

    Favorite Class – RPM

    You might catch more flies with honey, but u definitely catch more honey’s when ur fly!

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