Yoga Fusion

Say ommm. Yoga Fusion emphasizes yoga’s natural calming, cleansing and stabilizing effects on the body. Through a combination of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga techniques, you’ll coordinate your breath, oxygenate your muscles and configure your body’s alignment, all as you embark on a mental journey toward peaceful serenity.

What does Yoga Fusion look like?

You’ll complete a series of meditations, balance postures, twists and inverted positions that will challenge you cardiovascularly, forcing you to synchronize your breath with your movements. Over time, as your core and joints loosen, you’ll notice your breathing will become more controlled and relaxed in the advanced positions. Yoga Fusion is an advanced form of Yoga, so we advise beginners to learn the basics in our Gentle Stretch Yoga class first. However, if you are familiar and comfortable in the basic yoga poses, then you may be ready to include the cardiovascular aspect of Yoga Fusion.