TRX Suspension Training

This class has 30 second timed interval sets combining TRX upper body, lower body and core exercises using your body weight. This total body conditioning workout will get your heart pumping, burn calories and increase your strength, flexibility and mobility. If you’ve been curious about how to leverage gravity and the weight of your body into real changes, join us to experience the TRX Suspension Training difference.

What is Suspension Training?

Suspension Training uses your entire body weight to sculpt and tone your physique. You’ll use a TRX Suspension Trainer to complete the exercises throughout this fitness class. Instantly, you’ll feel a burn that turns hard work into lasting results!

Join us for this Group Class!

Visit O2 Fitness today to start your free trial! If you’re already a member, check the schedule of your nearest O2 and join in on this amazing fitness class! When combined with healthy eating and routine exercise, this class will certainly help you sculpt and tone those trouble areas that seem to never want to disappear.