Strengthen & Lengthen

Strengthen & Lengthen is fitness class that fuses yoga, gymnastics, pilates and functional exercises. This is an extraordinary combination targeting improved balance, flexibility and strength throughout your core and lower body.

Get stronger and more flexible at the same time!

This course incorporates classic yoga postures, challenging gymnastics routines, engaging pilates stances and various other exercises that come together to form an incredible recipe for improved stamina and strength in your core and lower body muscles. As you progress through the class, you’ll notice improved range of motion in joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. This improved flexibility is the result of increased blood circulation to the muscles and surrounding areas. Such stimulated blood flow bolsters nutrient-flow to the brain as well.

We’re proud to offer this fitness class at O2 because of the many ways it can help improve the health of your mind and body. If you’ve been waiting to make changes you can be proud of, the chance is now. Join us in a motivating environment where you’ll be challenged to make the changes you’ve always desired!