Pump Fusion

Pump Fusion is a total body workout combining BodyPump tracks with free-weight training methods to help you gain strength while having a great time. You’ll listen to chart-topping music while sculpting your entire body – making Pump Fusion the perfect workout for all fitness levels.

Rediscover the Fun in Working Out!

With a variety of free-weight exercises that challenge your upper body, engage your core and burn calories, the Pump Fusion fitness class will whip your entire body into shape. You’ll perform unique styles of weight-training that deliberately confuse your muscles and force them to adapt to brand new contours. The muscle-confusion technique effectively penetrates the overlooked fibers in your muscles to give you a genuine, full-body workout. And don’t forget the hit music! With Pump Fusion, you’re well on your way to full-body fitness.

Are you wanting to see what Pump Fusion is all about? Join us for this one-of-a-kind fitness class and experience how fun it can be to work out!