Pilates Reformer Training

Pilates is founded on floor exercises, or mat work – with exercises that strengthen and stabilize your powerhouse/ core muscles. Because of the Reformer’s multiple attachments and progressive resistance system, you can perform a much higher number of exercise modifications than on the mat. If you’re injured or have a limited range of motion, the support and guidance of the apparatus’s resistance in combination with its versatility can provide a safe and challenging workout to develop strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, power, coordination, agility and speed! If your desire is to become longer, leaner, and have a dancer´s physique, this is for you.

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to take a group fitness class at O2, now is your time to try it out! Our classes are full of individuals with different fitness levels who desire to see real changes happen both physically and mentally. Join us for Pilates Reformer Training today!