LesMills BodyJam

You’ve never had so much fun while working out! Body Jam is a high-intensity, cardio workout, but not with the generic cardio exercises you think. Instead, you’re getting a fat-melting workout while dancing your tail off! No previous dance experience is necessary, all you need to bring to this fitness class is a positive attitude and a willingness to bust a move!  

Bust Your Muscles While Busting a Move with Body Jam

Your energetic, spunky instructor will excite your energy and enthusiasm to keep your heart-rate up and keep the fun going. You’ll groove to the hottest new hits with the latest dance styles, all while dripping sweat and burning calories. Throughout this group class, you’re going to work while dancing your way to a fitter you. 

Ready to try it out for yourself? When you take part in LesMills BodyJam, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind experience through energetic music and a motivating class environment.