LesMills BodyFlow

Sometimes you need to calm your mind and purify your soul–Body Flow does both. Whether you want to get out of your head for a little while or bring your body back into equilibrium, this is the escape you seek. This fitness class emphasizes coordination of breath, magnification of focus and amplification of core muscles and balance to provide you with a comprehensive and peaceful workout. Don’t feel intimidated by this group class, all fitness levels are welcome. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit when you participate in Body Flow.

The Body Flow experience

Body Flow combines yoga, tai chi and pilates postures and exercises into one workout. However, each of these disciplines requires attention to breath, concentration and core stability and strength. Through an emphasis on these areas, Body Flow gently steers your mind and body toward a blissful harmony. You’ll soon notice the calmness in your thoughts, strength in your core, flexibility in your muscles and symmetry in your posture. Synchronized with serene music, you’re guaranteed to leave Body Flow in a calmer, more approachable state than when you entered. This is a low-impact fitness class that is great for all fitness levels. So mellow out with Body Flow today.