Fitness in Flight BURN

There´s an incredible lightness to soaring, stretching and floating through the air suspended by a colorful silk hammocks, with attached three position straps. Using an antigravity apparatus suspended from the ceiling. The inversions really get the blood flowing (extended periods of hanging upside-down will do that), which leaves you feeling clear-headed and energetic after the class, feeling like you are walking on air. There´s also a sense of playfulness. This class is based on acrobatics, yet working deeply into each muscle group. The freedom of movement makes the class fun and energetic. The workout helps build flexibility and agility, as well as core and upper-body strength. It’s also an excellent for blowing off steam and relieving stress. It’s a relatively low-intensity workout (although some of the moves are challenging). The hammocks make it easier to hold inverted poses in correct alignment, with less pressure on the neck and back. This workout focuses on full body strength, flexibility, and length.