Cuttin’ Up

Cuttin’ Up didn’t get its name for no reason. This is a fun, engaging, full-body workout that will burn calories and transform your body. It aims to boost your cardio performance, improve your flexibility and activate every muscle in your body from head to toe. This fitness class is made to sculpt and tone, while giving you the results you desire.

The Cuttin’ Up experience

If you want an efficient full-body blast, Cuttin’ Up is the group class for you. You’ll perform weighted lunges that command total-body control, crunches that reach the deepest layer of your abdominals and push-ups with a step that expand and tone your chest. With this workout you’ll sculpt your legs, define your arms and strengthen your core, all while having a great time and energizing your metabolism. So bring your enthusiasm and get ready to sweat, because Cuttin’ Up is waiting for you!