Core Sculpt

Your core is one of the most vital muscle sections in your body. Consisting of all the muscles from your hips to your shoulders, your core supports every twist, turn, bend, dip, etc. you make throughout the day. It makes sense, then, to keep this muscle group sturdy and healthy! Luckily for you, O2’s Core Sculpt class will help strengthen your shoulders, align your hips and stabilize your posture to make you fitter and more efficient.

The Core Sculpt Experience

The Core Sculpt fitness class employs a diverse range of exercises that target every crevice of your core section. You’ll perform squats that tighten your glutes and engage your hips, crunches that activate your abdominals and melt away fat, chest and shoulder movements that build muscle and more! This class is offered at a variety of intensities, making it ideal for all level of fitness. Only 30 minutes long, the Core Sculpt group class packs all of this into a limited window to give you a fast-paced calorie burn that is sure to tighten your entire mid-section and increase your durability and functionality no matter your age.