Core Cardio

What’s an effective cardio workout if you don’t feel it in your core? That’s the philosophy behind our Core Cardio fitness class, which alternates between cardio, core, and strength-building segments to sweat away fat and generate a sturdier core.

Make Core Cardio the core of your cardio routine

Core Cardio begins with merciless cardio exercises, transitioning quickly into core movements, and ends with muscle-building routines. This comprehensive sequence works your entire body at different angles and intensities to ensure a well-rounded workout with well-rounded results.

Over time, you’ll notice improved lung capacity, a stronger core, and leaner figure. And with easy-to-follow chronology, Core Cardio is perfect for all fitness levels. No matter if you’re looking to burn fat or sculpt your core, O2 Fitness’ Core Cardio fitness class is just for you. Join us in a motivating environment, where you’ll feel and see changes you can be proud of!