Cardio Interval

This is the ultimate cardiovascular fitness class at O2! A cardio-busting combo of sports conditioning and cross training styles gives you the maximum amount of cardiovascular exertion. You’ll experience the muscle confusion of cross training and the cardiovascular roller coaster of interval training, making this the ideal group class to get in shape.

The Cardio Interval experience

Cardiovascular performance is vital for overall fitness, making cross and interval training that much more important. Why? Because cross training combines a variety of activities, your muscles never plateau, making your cardiovascular system work harder. Likewise, interval training maintains your heart rate at an optimal level because it involves bolts of intense exertion separated by brief segments of low exertion. This combo prevents your heart rate from dropping into a resting zone and burns more calories. Thus, the fusion of cross and interval training during Cardio Interval creates a cardiovascular combustion that will knock your socks off.

If you’re looking for a group class that’s led by a motivating instructor and will give you measurable results, join us at Cardio Interval!