Our daily grind can demolish our energy levels. Sometimes, a day full of sitting at work can make you exhausted. It’s time to take back your routine and improve your posture, energy and body! If you’re desiring a class that challenges you to better your physical and mental stability, you won’t want to miss out on Boxing at O2 Fitness.

What can I Expect?

Led by an encouraging instructor, boxing is an intense fitness class that tones your arms, legs, glutes and core. Don’t worry about bulking up because boxing is a very high repetition work out that builds lean muscle rather than adding bulk. Both men and women are welcome, and the class packs a full 60 minutes of intense cardiovascular and strength training into one group class. If you enjoy Kickboxing, or other high energy workouts, you’ll get the most out of Boxing at o2 Fitness.

Try it out today! Trust us, you won’t regret it.