Active Body

Regular physical activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle. That’s why ESAC offers our Active Body group fitness class for senior adults with an active mindset. Active Body is a cardio class that targets your entire body to improve balance, maximize flexibility and develop athletic durability for adults seeking to maintain an active lifestyle.

Take the next big step

Active Body consists of step-intervals on an exercise step. You’ll perform a variety of exercises on and off the step, all of which work to improve your balance, athleticism, and cardiovascular capacity. Over time, you’ll feel stronger, quicker and more energized.

There’s no time like the present, so join us at O2 Fitness for a group class that will help you feel more confident and improve your health. Before you know it, you’ll be more balanced in both body and mind. Visit any of our locations in North or South Carolina and experience the true difference at O2 Fitness!