April’s Before and After Body Transformation

This week’s “Member Spotlight” goes out to April from our Moncks Corner, South Carolina Club. Since starting her journey in February, she has lost weight, toned up and gained a new sense of self. 

April—not only is your before and after body transformation remarkable, but the light you now radiate is even more prominent.

Congratulations on your success—you look AMAZING!

Here’s April’s story:

“After making the commitment to live an over all healthier lifestyle in February 2017, I wanted it to be a simple one: Exercise and a balanced diet.

I needed more physical activity in my life, so I decided to join O2 Fitness and give it a try. At first, I focused on simple cardio and light weight training to focus on areas that I want to be stronger and more toned.

I go to the gym Monday — Thursday after work from 5:15—6:30 pm … only 5 hours per week. During this time, I have made friends with the O2 Fitness staff, personal trainers and other gym members that are super knowledgeable with different machines and techniques. This has turned into an impromptu support group for me that helps motivate and keep me going throughout the week of workouts [thank you, O2 Fitness].

When it comes to my diet, like I said before, simple and balanced is what I was going for.

First, I really cut back on the white foods: sugar, bread, pasta, potatoes. I RARELY drink a soda, and if I do, it’s a once-a-month treat. If I eat out at a restaurant, I choose healthier options versus what I would normally pick.

I start off each morning with steel cut oats and a fruit. 

I make sure to prep for lunches and dinners before the week starts—it helps so much given we are on the go so much. Meal prep allows my husband to have lunches and dinners the entire week without any extra thought or effort.  Our lunches consist of some kind of chicken breast (grilled or baked) and vegetables (there are a thousand different combinations—we shake it up to prevent food boredom while staying satisfied). For supper, we allow mostly anything, but hold the urge to eat seconds. Eating mindfully and in moderation is KEY!

My take on nutrition: I feel  that eating sensibly is far better than relying on eating rice cakes and lettuce for the rest of my life. Come on, who can LIVE like that?!

Thank you O2 Fitness for providing an avenue for me to live a healthier, happier life.”

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